Feature: The Midnight Wood

Musician Lauria Intravia hosts a great segment on the OverClocked Podcast called 'Between the Lines'. She did a great analysis of the musical style of Hyper Light Drifter, especially the track 'The Midnight Wood'.

Link: The OverClocked Podcast

Music Morsel: Laments of an Icarus

This morsel is in 4/4 time.

The ride cymbal plays continuous sextuplets. The kick drum plays a four bar phrase, made up of alternating eighth note pairs and eighth note triplets.

The sextuplets played by the drummer on the ride cymbal create the sound of a 3:4 polyrhythm. This means that in the time it takes to sound 4 notes of equal distance to each other, 3 notes of equal distance to each other sound as well.

The 3:4 polyrhythm often exists where 4 is the number of quarter notes, yet this example uses eighth notes. As a result, the drummer manages to fit two instances of the polyrhythm in each bar.

Music Morsels are musical fragments, collected and analyzed.

Music Morsel: Dream is Collapsing

Listen from 0'34" to 1'30".

A two note melody functions as a series of common tones over 4 chords: G minor, Gb Major/Bb, Eb Major, and B Major 7. Others will hear it differently, but I hear this as an unresolved progression in the key of Bb Major. In this context, the progression starts on the relative minor (vi), followed by a bVI (borrowed from Bb minor), a IV chord, and finally ending on a flat-two chord (borrowed) from Bb Phrygian). While there are no Bb chords to be found, the melody helps to imply the key of Bb by pulsing on that note five times every bar.

Music Morsels are musical fragments, collected and analyzed.